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Sonny Angel Hippers - Hartvest Series

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Randomly packaged - so you won't know which one you'll get until you open the box!


The HIPPERS Harvest Series is a decorative figure that can be attached to things around you with re-usable adhesive. With this series, you can enjoy decorating not only around smartphones and computers, but also around dining tables, kitchens, and even on flower pots so Sonny Angel can help your plants grow!




Product size: Approx. W30 ~ 48 × H75 ~ 98 × D25 ~ 35 / mm
Package size: Approx. W50 × H102 × D45 / mm
Assorted box size : about W201 × H107 × D135 / Mm


Product weight: Approximately 25 ~ 29g
Product material: ATBC-PVC