FW'23 Show


Third Position

Third Position, designed by Leah Gans, is inspired by the aesthetics surrounding the world of dance and the significance of the number three. Three is not only known as an optimistic number, but it is the age at which Leah first enrolled in ballet classes. The Les Miss brand in general is intended to spark joy in one’s inner child, and this collection is especially personal to Leah’s own childhood.


Photography by Lexi Yob and Ari Elgharsi

Design by Leah Gans

Produced by Mikayla Kitsopoulos

Styled by Sydney Sullivan

Hair by Fazia Fredericks and Abi Raji

MUA by Alek Rahman and Nikia Antoniou

Modeled by Minami Ando, Julia Vickers, Dominique Rock, Alex Mitchell, Shannon Zhao, and Kyla Ericson